Gym Injuries: Causes and Prevention

Exercising is a miracle solution to your problems, but only in correct dosage. While it is important to work out and let fitness enhance your body, it is as important to be cautious while exercising and not to risk those precious bones and muscles. Though, the best of trainers are at your service at Anytime Fitness and you are in good hands, but it is as important to be aware of the way your body moves and is build. Your hands and legs are designed to move in certain ways and to use them optimally you need to understand their limits.

The most common cause of injuries is poor exercise technique. This can lead to ripping and wrenching of muscles and tearing of delicate tissues. If weights go out of control at any instant it can lead to injuries that may leave a lifelong impact on you. To prevent mishaps and injuries, here is a list of the most common injuries in gym and how you can prevent them;

  • ACL/PCL injuries: More common in athletes, but if you play any sport with jumping or rapid change in direction, knee injuries like this are a definite possibility. A tear in the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) or Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) can lead to several month  long bed rest, and may even require surgery. It will however, leave a permanent ‘dent’ on your muscles. Though, ligament injuries take place as a sudden accident, yet some measures can be taken to prevent  these are using proper techniques and stretching before exercising. Also, being extra cautious while doing exercises that strain or use the knees.
  • Achilles Tendinitis: Achilles tendinitis is caused by repetitive or intense strain on the band of tissue that connects your calf muscles to your heel bone. Your tendon tightens and becomes irritated. This tendon is used when you walk, run, jump or push up on your toes. You can reduce your risk of this by avoiding a dramatic increase in training and building strength in your calve muscles.
  • Pulled or torn hamstring: Hamstring issues are usually caused by weak, overly tight, or imbalanced leg muscles. Muscle fibers of the hamstring can become strained or torn during running, kicking, or even walking down steps.  This can be prevented by strengthening all muscles in your leg, especially your hamstrings.
  • Runner’s knee: As the name suggests it is common among runners. The stress of running can cause irritation where the kneecap (patella) rests on the thighbone. This makes up about 40% of all running injuries. You can prevent this by strengthening your hip, glute, and quad muscles, as well as shortening your stride.
  • Strained back: This is the most common injury. Many people have weak back muscles due to prolonged sitting at work or home and while exercising  people go too hard or too fast. To avoid this lift your legs, not your back, and gradually strengthen your back muscles with low intensity exercises.
  • Strained shoulder: Your shoulder joints have a large range of motion that allows injuries involving overuse or poor posture and technique. Dislocating your shoulder or damaging your rotator cuff can be severely detrimental. Do not push in pain—let your shoulder rest—and strengthen your shoulders with wall push-ups, shoulder presses, and elastic tube resistance training.



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